Starting or Moving a Business in Bellmawr

Bellmawr "Progress Never Stops" SignAfter you have found a potential location, the first step is to call the Zoning Official, Dan DiRenzo, at 856-933-1286 or email Dan to retrieve the zoning information for the property location.

Depending on the type of business, it may have to go before the Joint Land Use Board. Please check the community calendar for the meeting schedules.

  • If this building is staying "as is" with no construction work being done, a Business Certificate of Occupancy (CO) (DOCX) must be submitted to the Construction Office. This form can also be obtained in the Construction Office.
  • The fee is $125. The Code Enforcement/Zoning Official must conduct an inspection after the CO fee is paid.
  • Inspections are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning at a specific time frame.
  • Fire Registration Form (PDF) - required for every business.
  • If the building is to have construction work done, the proper permits need to be submitted to the Construction Office. Once the permits have been issued, work can begin and inspections must be called in. Since the subcode inspectors need to issue a final inspection (Certificate of Occupancy), the Business CO form is NOT required.
  • An application for a Mercantile License must be submitted. Once your application is submitted, payment must be made by mail or in-person at this time. On-line payments will be available soon. Please inquire if your business requires any additional applications. Once the license is granted, your business will be listed under the Business Listings portion of
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Construction Office
    Phone: 856-933-1286
  • Tina Johnson, Mercantile License Official
    Phone: 856-931-7284

Once your business is up and running, please join the Bellmawr Business Alliance.

If you provide an email address on your mercantile license application, you will receive a notice when future Bellmawr Business Alliance meetings are scheduled. You will also receive notice by mail, and it will also be posted to our website.

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