What can I do if I get one of these bills?
  • Ask your insurance company to pay more. Contact your insurance carrier for the service "Allowable Payment" and deductible responsible by the covered entity. Medicare and Medicaid are pre-determined rates governed by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Call the ambulance service's billing department with any questions relating to billing pricing for the Borough of Bellmawr;
    Farnsworth and Semptimphelter, LLC
    Phone: 609-261-1002
    Email Farnsworth and Semptimphelter, LLC
    Farnsworth and Semptimphelter, LLC Website
  • Borough of Bellmawr residence or towns that are covered within a "Shared Services Agreement" with the Borough of Bellmawr will not be put into collections for the remaining balance not covered by your insurance carrier.

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1. Why am I receiving an Ambulance Bill for Service?
2. Why am I receiving a bill for service from Virtua, Cooper University or Inspira Health Systems and the Borough of Bellmawr?
3. What can I do if I get one of these bills?
4. When I call 911, can I choose where the ambulance takes me?