Administration / Finance

Borough Clerk

Francine Wright, CMC

The Office of the Municipal Clerk has many statutory duties, which includes acting as secretary to the governing body, chief administrative officer for all local elections, registrar of voters and the custodian of records.

Acting as Secretary to the Governing body, the Office of the Municipal Clerk maintains all records with regard to the borough's local ordinances, resolutions, and public proceedings. The Municipal Clerk prepares the agendas for all council meetings and officially records the minutes for those meetings; processes, records and files ordinances and resolutions and other official documents.

Serving as the borough's Election Official, the Municipal Clerk serves as the Registrar of Voters, accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, provides materials for local and school board elections, selects polling locations and calculates and maintains custody of election results.

See Voting and Election Information (PDF).

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Fasulo, CCFO

The Finance Department safeguards the borough's fiscal integrity. The department is responsible for the accounting, budgeting and financial control over each of the various Operating, General Capital, Utility and Trust funds established by the borough.

Budget preparation and oversight, revenue collection, employee payroll and benefits administration, accounts payable, investments and debt management are all areas within the Finance Department's purview.

Purchasing Agent

Andrea Macrina, QPA

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of borough equipment, supplies and services; assists monitoring departmental budgets and spending and serves as the Borough's accounts payable liaison with vendors.

The Purchasing agent monitors the borough's compliance with the Local Public Contract Law, helps develop bid specifications and oversees Public Bid openings.

Professional Administrative Service Appointments

  • Architect: Bach Associates, PC
  • Auditor: Bowman and Company
  • Bond Counsel: Parker McCay
  • Engineer: Bach Associates, PC
  • IT/Tech Support: Premier Technology Solutions
  • Labor Counsel: Parker McCay
  • Planner: Bach Associates, PC
  • Risk Management: Connor Strong and Buckelew
  • Municipal Solicitor: Howard Long